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It will often be at casino sites that have a unique range of slot machines that slot players are going to want to play at, and as for just how many casinos offer their own exclusive range of slot games, well there are plenty of them to pick and choose from.


I would advise you to consider playing at a European based casino if you are looking for some fun to play and potentially high paying slot machines, as those sites will be licensed and regulated which is important.

It is also worth me mentioning that if you are on the Gamstop register then you will have no problems playing at European casino sites, and with plenty of familiar deposit and withdrawal options available to you at those sites.

Feel free to read on for I will also be giving you an insight into what you can play at those sites by way of their slot machines along with giving you an insight into some of the many additional benefits of playing at those sites too.

Play for Real Money at European Casinos

It is very important that when you do play at a European non Gamstop casino site you have the option of playing in your own home currency so make sure that is something you are offered and will be able to do.


It will not only be long established casinos you can play at but lots of new casinos not on Gamstop, and the main attraction about signing up to new casinos sites that have just appeared online is that they do all tend to offer players some very high valued sign up welcome bonus offers which are going to be worth claiming of course.

Each international online casinos that are not Gamstop listed are licensed and you will be best advised to find one that lets you deposit using GBP as your chosen currency option.

As you could also be tempted to sign up and play at any of the large range of anonymous casinos then keep in mind that you will need to use Bitcoin or any other digital cryptocurrency as the way that you fund your account and get paid out your winnings form those sites too.

Gambling Laws and Regulations in the UK

I shall now take a quick look at the rules, laws and regulations that surround the gambling industry in the UK and for reference it is the UK Gambling Commission that oversees and regulated all UK gambling companies. The law does also stipulate that to be able to gamble legally in the UK you will need to be over the game of 18, so make sure you are.


You may have noticed like I have that many people have more than one gambling site account and the main benefit of opening up several different non Gamstop listed gambling site accounts is that you will be able to claim a high valued sign up welcome bonus from each of those sites, but will then get offered a plethora of ongoing bonus offers too, which will help you lock in plenty of playing value of course.

Plus, keep in mind too that if you want to play at casinos you will find them in most countries of the world as most countries do of course have plenty of land based casinos, but there will be much better offers and deals when playing online or on a mobile device.

Do whatever you must do at all times to  avoid being ripped off when betting online and that is why I do urge you to stick to signing up to and gambling only at the sites I have presented to you on this website as they are all non Gamstop gambling sites that you can trust.

There will of course be more than enough online casinos are based in many different countries you should only pick out those that do not force you to have to deposit, gamble and play in any other currency than GBP so do keep that in mind when picking out a site at which to gamble at.

Huge Range of Casino Games Available Online

I can guarantee that you will be amazed at the huge number of casino games available to you when you choose to play at any of the showcased but top rated non Gamstop sites I have picked out for you on this website, and I will now let you know just what types of games are going to be available to you.


As for getting tuck into playing fruit machines, slot machines and slot games online, well you will always find plenty of the older styled three reel and classic slot machines at those sites and there will be plenty of video slot machines too, but do also check out some of the video slots if you are found of triggering bonus games and bonus features.

You will soon spot plenty of card games at those sites too, so if you ever get the urge to play games such as Blackjack or Baccarat then you will find you can play them for some very low stake amounts of even play them for some much higher stake levels instead.

Never be under any type of impression that there are going to be any shortages of table games at those sites, for if you do play slot machines but fancy trying your luck playing Roulette for example then you will be pleased to learn that there are going to be the low house edge European Roulette game variant on offer to you at those sites too.

Some other fun to play and potentially mega paying games you should also consider playing online or via a mobile device for that matter, well you are going to find games such as Keno are available to you at those sites, and there are also going to be lots of scratch card games for you to try your luck on as well, and each game available can of course be played for free or for real money with low to high staking options available too.

Just do make sure please that you do set you own limits when gambling as that way you really are going to have plenty of fun playing those games, so make sure that is something you do.

Playing at Non Gamstop Sites Safely

You will never want to have any problems when gambling online so let me look at what else that you should be demanding from any non gamstop gambling sites that you like the look of and may end up signing up to.


I know that some of you may only want to play games and gamble on a mobile device such as a smart phone or a tablet device and you will find each of those slot sites that are not on Gamstop offer a downloadable casino app, and they will all come jam packed with a massive suite of different slot machines by the way.

I need  you to also be aware non gamstop games and casino sites will also have their own online gaming platforms which could include a non-download instant play type if gaming platform or a fully downloadable one, and much like their respective casino apps you are going to find a plethora of different casino games on offer too and every single type of slot machine that you could ever want to play too.

The return to players RTP’s each of their available slot machines are also going to be listed and revealed to you either on those slot sites websites or on the pay tables or the attached help files attached to each slot machine too.

One of the most valuable tips that I can pass onto you for playing online or mobile slot games is to make the concerted effort to find just which slot games do have by far and away the very highest of pay-out percentages, and stick to playing those slot machines to get more winning opportunities when you are playing them.

Plus, one finally thing that you are bound to like the sound of are the bonuses and comps that are also given away freely to players at those sites too, and you will of course find that there are going to be plenty of payment options available if you do want to give any of the slot machines some play time for real money, but having said that each game will be on offer and available via a demo mode version, so you can play them for free if you much prefer doing so.

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