Betting on sporting events that are being held across the globe is something that many people do day in day out, however when you are registered with Gamstop, you are going to find yourself having to look for a non Gamstop betting site at which to place such bets and wagers at.


But fear not, if for example you enjoy placing bets on soccer matches, then there are several top rated football betting sites not on Gamstop, and to make it easy to find such a betting site I have a standalone guide that will be showcasing each of the top rated ones to you.

Keep in mind though that any betting site that you do sign up to, and no matter which types of bets and wagers you do enjoy placing the most, should have fair and generous betting odds attached to them, and that is why I am only going to be showcasing to you the very best betting sites throughout this website.

The gambling sites not on gamstop are going to be offering you both an online betting platform, but never forget that the very best ones will also offer you a betting app too, and as such you can download that pp onto your mobile phone for example, which will allow you to place a bet no matter where you are too.

There will of course bound to be all manner of additional questions that you may have about betting at non gamstop sites, and with that in mind below I will be answering as many of them as I possibly can do, so please do read on as you are bound to find the answers to any non -Gamstop betting site fully answered below.

Find listing of UK Betting sites where I have played in the past and review of them below:

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But please do ensure that you always gamble responsibly when betting online or for that matter when you start to bet using a mobile device, and the best way to achieve just that is to always set yourself some limits as to just how much you can deposit, and also set yourself some loss limits too.

Another aspect of betting online or via a mobile device is that most betting sites, and certainly the ones I will be introducing to you throughout this website, do allow their betting customers to make small modest bets and wagers, but many of them will also be offering you some very high betting list too.

So, if you are someone that can afford to place high valued bets and wagers then you will always find those featured betting site will accept your high valued bets with no restrictions in place, which is of course good to know.

What are the Laws About Betting in the UK?

Before I look at how and where you can place bets and wagers at non Gamstop betting sites, let me give you an insight into the laws that are associated with betting in the United Kingdom, just so you are aware of those laws.


The very first thing that you have to be aware of is that the legal age to gamble in the UK is 18, and as such do be aware that if you sign up to any betting site, no matter where that site is located and operates from, you will be asked to prove at some point in time after registering as a new customers of any betting site that you are over the age of 18.

On April the 14th 2020 a new law came into place in the UK, and that law states that credit cards cannot be used to fund any type of betting account or for that matter any type of gambling site or gambling app account.

With that in mind if you have been using a credit card as the way you tend to top up gambling sites or gambling accounts then you will need to find another way of funding those accounts but there are more than enough alternatives that you can make sue of, which is good to know or course.

There are also some very strict responsible gambling laws in the UK too, and when you sign up to any type of gambling site or app based and license in the UK you will find several tools at your disposal that will allow you to put into place a range of different settings on your account.

Those settings for example are going to allow you to have in place, over any given time period a deposit limit, and once you have reached the limit you have chosen then you are not going to be able to top up your account until the time period has expired.

It is therefore important that to negate the chance of you spending more money than you had intended at a  betting or any type of gambling site that you do set your own deposit limit, so please do ensure that sis something you actively do.

Gambling sites will also let you set yourself a loss limit too, and as such if you do not want to run the risk of losing more than you have initially intended then  do please make sure that you do make use of those loss limit settings too.

Many sites also have an option hat will allow you to set the amount of time you wish to gamble, so that is something else that you will be best advised to consider making use of, rather than you running the risk of gambling for way longer than you have intended to do so.

What are the Most Popular Bets Placed at Non Gamstop Betting Sites?

You may be wondering if you are only going to have access to a small pool of bet types  if you do decide to sign up to any of my featured non Gamstop betting sites, well that is certainly not going to be the case, and with that in mind let you now give you some ideas of just how very diverse the range of betting opportunities will be at those sites.


Many people in the UK that do like to have a bet on for example football matches, will be very eager to sign up to a betting site or use a betting app that offers them plenty of football betting coupons.

That is something you will certainly find available at my featured and top rated betting sites, and when you do place a coupon bet on football matches, keep in mind there are some huge potential winning pay-outs you could achieve, even when betting very low stake amounts.

You will also find that very type of multiple bet can also be placed at those non Gamstop betting sites that I have listed throughout this website.

That does of course therefore mean that if you enjoy placing for example Lucky 15, Lucky 31 bets or even love placing accumulator type of bets then you are always going to be able to place such bets.

Straight Forecast and Tricast bets are also going to be available to you when betting at any of my featured betting sites too, so if those are the type of bets that you do enjoy placing you will always be able to place them when betting at those sites when using either their online betting platforms or their mobile betting apps instead.

As for whether you are going to be able to place a bet of any value, it is also worth me pointing out that the bookmakers and sportsbooks that I have chosen to showcase to you will all be offering a range of different staking options.

So it doesn’t matter if you are an occasional low stake punters or someone that will tend to place lots of high valued bets, you are always going to be able to get your best of any valued placed and placed saintly with no fuss or hassle or any type of delays at those betting sites too.

Many UK based betting sites do also tend to ban winners form their betting platforms and their betting apps too, but that is highly unlikely to happen when betting at my featured on Gamstop listed bookies sites, and each of them do have some very high cash out limits in place too.

The odds at each of those sites are also updated in real time too and are updated 24 hours a day too, so the odds that you do see being offered to you are the for the taking and are not simply high odds to lure you into signing up to their sites, which some sites have been known to trick punters with.

What Sporting Events Can I Bet On?

You are bound to have your own personal favourite sporting events that you enjoy placing any type of bet and wager on, and make no mistake about it, when you sign up to any of my featured and top rated non Gamstop bookies sites and sportsbooks, you are always going to find  very good mix of sporting events and betting markets to bet on.


Tennis fans for example will video the diverse range of different bets and wagers that are going to be offered on all upcoming tennis tournaments and tennis matches.

As you have also discovered from up about, when it comes to betting on football matches or football competitions there are going to be a huge and never-ending range of such betting markets available ta my featured betting sites.

If you are someone that much prefers placing bets and wagers on greyhound races or horse races then you will be very impressed with the ante post betting markets and odds available at those betting sites.

Do keep in mind too that you are not only going to be able to place a bet on any type of sporting event before it starts, but thanks to the new in-play betting markets at each of my rated and approved bookmakers sites and apps, you can also place a bet once those sporting events are in place too.

Golf fans, snooker and rugby fan are also going to be spoiled for choice when it comes to placing best and wagers on any upcoming event, and if you are prepared to bet early then look at making use of the futures betting markets those betting sites offer, as you can often bag some much higher odds when doing so.

As for just what else you can bet on at those betting sites, well what I would strongly advise you to do is to click onto any of the betting site links and pay a visit to their websites, as that way you will be able to see just how many additional betting markets are being offered at those sites.

Plus, as each of those handpicked range of non Gamstop betting sites are also going to be giving you access to a high value and exclusive sign up welcome bonus type of offer, you will be able to claim those offers straight away once you have registered a new customer account at those sites.

But do make sure that when you are thinking about claiming any new customer or even any ongoing bonus offer at any betting site, that your read through the terms and conditions attached to those offers.

That way you will be able to determine whether they offer you true value, but those betting sites listed on this website are famed of having by far and away the very best terms and conditions attached to every single one of their bonus offers and promotional deals, and their respective offers are well worth claiming therefore.

How Can I Fund a Non Gamstop Betting Site Account?

It is important that you always select a deposit and withdrawal options at any non Gamstop betting site that is convenient to you, and also select one that you are not going to have to end up paying any additional fees and charges either.


With that in mind let me know pass onto you the range of different payment options that most betting sites that are not Gamstop betting sites will have on offer to their customers of their banking inertances, so please do select one that suits you the best.

Above you have discovered that new laws in the UK mean that under no circumstances will you be permitted to use a credit card to fund any type of gambling site account, and that include non Gamstop betting sites too, so please do not attempt to use a credit card as any deposits you attempt will not be approved.

The best option is for you to consider using your debit card that has been issued to you by your bank ass that way when using a debit card all deposits you make will be processed in real time and therefore instantly, plus there will never be any additional fees or charge imposed or levied upon you when using such a card as your preferred deposit option.

I would also suggest that if you do not wish to use a debit card the or maybe you do not have one, that you look into using a PaySafeCard voucher, you an buy them from any Pay Point or Pay Zone shop in the UK and you can only spend the money you have credited to those vouchers.

If on the other hand you are one of the many people who have for example a PayPal account or use Skrill or Neteller, then you will find plenty of betting site do accept those types of web and e-wallets, and you will also be very pleased to learn that you can also have your winnings sent back to those web and e-wallet accounts too.

In fact the pay-out times for most non Gamstop betting site are very short when it comes to customers option to get paid out via a web or e-wallet, so you are never going to be waiting for very long to get paid out your winnings when choosing one of them as your preferred withdrawal option.

As for other ways that you can fund a betting site account, if you have a prepaid debit card then you will find most bookies sites will accept them too.

Plus, if you use cryptocurrencies then I have also seen a very sharp increase in the number of non Gamstop bookies that will allow you to make both deposits and request withdrawals using all of the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for example so do consider using one of them too.

How to Select a Non Gamstop Betting Site

You should now have a good idea of what will be in store for you if you do decide to sign up to a site that isn’t a Gamstop betting site. However, you should always make sure long before you do sign up to such a site and place your first bet, that the one you do become a member of is going to be offering you everything you need, want and require.


The savviest non Gamstop betting site punters are always going to have their own personal checklist that they will use to compare betting sites, and if you haven’t got one yourself then keep on reading, for I now will present you with mine.

Any betting sites you select that are not registered with Gamstop should be licensed and regulated, so make sure you select one that is, for that way you know the owners of those non Gamstop sportsbooks will have been vetted by their license issuers and their betting sites will be run and operated to the very highest of standards.

The number of betting markets and sporting events that you can place a bet on is also important, for you will only ever want to bet at sportsbooks that offer you a full and very diverse range of different sports betting opportunities.

Looks out for non Gamstop sportsbooks that offer ante post and long-term betting markets, and those that will allow you to place a bet when a sporting event is in play too, such as via an in-play betting market.

The odds you will be offered is also important as you will never want to be short-changed when it comes to the odds you can secure on any sports betting event.

Another thing to look out for that will allow you to have a seamless betting experience are non Gamstop bookies that offer punters plenty of deposit options along with offering them many different withdrawal options too.

I would strongly advise you to only every bet at those bookies sites that pay out their winning’s customers in around one to three days, and those that have the highest cash out and pay-out limits in place too.

Mots non Gamstop bookies will of course offer an online betting platform, and most of them will offer such a betting platform that is fully compatible with any type of web browser, so in regards to placing a bet at those bookies sites, it should be straight forward enough when using a computer or laptop.

But if you are one of the many punters that love placing bets on your mobile devices or a tablet device, then you will of course need to locate a bookie that is going to offer you a downloadable betting app, and there are plenty of non Gamstop sportsbooks that do so.

Feel free to have a good look at any of the non Gamstop bookies that are listed throughout this website as I am more than confident that you will find plenty of them that will be offering you everything you will ever want or need to have the best online or mobile betting experience possible.

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