The number of people that have self-excluded themselves from betting shops in the UK is at an all time high, as too are the number of people that have signed up to the Gamstop register, and by doing so they are not going to be allowed to place bets at any of those shops or betting sites that are part of the Gamstop scheme.


However, some people wished that they hadn’t signed up to Gamstop, and if they have put into place ways that they are always going to be gambling responsibly they can find it very hard to start betting again.

That is why I have put together the following guide, which is going to be revealing to you how you can indeed start betting once again if you are part of the Gamstop scheme, and to do so all that you will need to do is to sign up to one of my featured and opted rated Non Gamstop bookies sites or apps.

Find listing of UK Betting sites where I have played in the past and review of them below:

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Keep in mind though that if it is just football matches or football competitions that you wish to start placing bets and wagers on, there are quite a number of top rated and highly recommend football betting sites not on Gamstop and they will each be offering you a huge and very good mix of football related betting markets.

But please do not be in any rush to simply sign up to the very first gambling sites not on gamstop that you come across, for there are pros and cons of signing up to some sites, and in the following guide I will be fully enlightening you on just what you should be looking for and demanding from any such site you do sign up to.

As for just which non gamstop sites are going to be the very best ones to become a customer, well please do read on for details of which ones are going to be worth signing up to and gambling at, and below I will also be answering a range of questions that I do know Gamstop registered users will be asking too.

But please, and this is very important, if you have ever experienced any type of gambling additional related problems in the past, then do always ensure that you set yourself some very strict limits when gambling online or via a mobile gambling app, and stick to those limits too.

That way you are always going to know when the best time is to stop gambling and will always be able to stay ion control when you do have a gambling session of any type, if you feel that you are not ready to start gambling again in any shape or form, then do not sign up to any non Gamstop betting sites.

Betting Laws and Regulations in the UK

To make problem gambling hopefully something of a very distant memory, the UK Gambling Commission has started to introduce a lot of different responsible gambling rules, laws and regulations that all UK licensed betting sites, betting apps and betting shops must adhere too.


One thing that has recently introduced in the UK is that all betting and gambling sites and apps are not going to be allowed to let their customers make a deposit using a credit card, and as such every single credit card issuer in the UK must block such transactions from being processed.

If you are wondering just what other types of payment options are still going to be available to you at any non Gamstop betting sites then please do keep on reading through this guide for I will be revealing to you each of the many alternatives that you are going to be able to make use of.

To be able to bet in the UK you have to be above 18 years of age, it is a legal requirement of every single betting site to discover the age, address and location of their customers if they hold a UK Gambling Commission issued gambling license.

As such what you are going to find when you sign up to such a site is that you will be requested to furnish the betting sites or betting apps security team with copies of your own personal identification documents which could be a passport and/or driving licence and you are also going to have to supply a copy of a recent utility bill too that has your name and address printed up on it to get your account verified.

Keep in mind too that many gambling sites are going to have their own unique set of rules in place when it comes to you claiming and making use of for example bonus offers and any promotional deals those sites may give you a access too.

Most betting sites will offer some type of sign up welcome bonus offer, which could for example be a deposit match bonus or even a risk free bet, but it is vitally important that you always do read through and in full the terms and conditions of any such offers, deals, free bets and/or bonuses.

That way you are then going to be able to judge for yourself whether any such offers are going to be worth claiming and if you do claim them by having read through the terms and conditions you will have a good idea of how you can make sue of them too.

Never forget though as such offers are optional, you will never be forced to have to make use of them, and if you would prefer to simple gambling with your own funds then that is something you are always going to be able to do, and by doing so you will not have to abide by bonus terms and conditions of course.

Which are the Most Placed Non Gamstop Bookies Bets?

You could be wondering just what types of bets and wagers that you can place if you have made the decision to sign up to and start using the betting platforms or betting apps that are being offered to you by any of my featured and top rated non Gamstop bookies.


Well, I just know that you are not going to be disappointed, for there are going to be a huge number of live and in-play betting markets on offer to you at those sites or when using their betting apps, so you can place a long term bet or even place a sports related bet once any sporting event is actually in play too at those sites or when using their betting apps instead.

Football fans will not be disappointed for example as there will be football match odds being offered form matches that are being played all over the world.

There are also going to be plenty of other sporting events being covered by any number of betting markets, including but certainly not limits to Darts, Golf, Tennis, Rugby and any other sport you an think of and plenty of ones that you may not have even thought that you could bet on.

Obviously punters that are based in the UK may be thinking about placing a bet on horse or greyhound races, and if that is something you are thinking about doing yourself, then do take a look at the available betting markets offered to you at my featured non Gamstop bookmakers sites and on their apps, as you will be very impressed with the odds being offered to you.

Never be under any illusion though, that you are going to be forced to have to place high valued bets, for I have ensured that each of the featured betting sites are going to be offering you fully adjustable bet limits, so you can place some very low valued bets or some high valued ones instead.

If you want it place novelty type bets then that is something else that you will be very easily able to do at those featured non Gamstop bookies sites and on their apps too, and for those of you that like placing some of the much more unique multiple bets such as Lucky 15 bets or Yankee bets you will be able to place them too.

I am often asked whether non Gamstop bookies sites and apps give punters access to football betting coupons, and if that is one type of bet that you enjoy placing then you will find more than enough of them are going to be offered to you.

In fact, do feel free to check out any of the betting sites or betting app websites that I have listed upon this website as that way you will instantly be able to see for yourself just what betting opportunities are on offer to you and will be able to compare the odds available too, to see if they are generous odds or not.

What Platforms Are Offered?

There are going to be two different ways that you can and will be able to place a bet at a non Gamstop bookies site, and with that in mind allow me to introduce both of those two ways to you, and let you know the pros and cons of doing so too.


If you wish to bet online then you will find it is very easy to do so, and you are not going to have to download any software onto your computer or laptop to be able to access any bookies betting platform.

You simply need to register as a new customer then you log into the actual website from the bookie that you have chosen to sign up to and once logged in you can then make a deposit and can then instantly place any bet you wish to play in real time.

Keep in mind when you do place a bet it is going to be allocated its own unique bet code number, and by looking up in your betting log that number you will then be able to see the status of that bet.

There will also be a betting pp on offer to you at each of my showcased non Gamstop bookies sites, and as such if you wish to place bets and wagers form anywhere using a mobile phone, smart phone or even a tablet type of device then simply download the app offered to you via the betting site that you have chosen to make use of.

One thing I would like to point out to anyone that has never bet using a betting app before, is that you are not going to have to make an compromises regarding the range and types of bets and wagers you can place when using such an app.

All of the available betting markets and betting opportunities being offered to you via any betting sites online betting platform will also be on offer to you via a betting app, and you will of course also be able to make deposit sand cash out any winnings in much the same way when using an app as you will find available when using an online betting platform.

What you will also appreciate about each of the top rated non-Gamstop betting sites that are listed throughout this website, is that they do all offer 24 hours a day customers support.

As such, if you do have any additional questions you are going to get those questions answered very quickly by contacting a support team member.

The way you can contact those support teams will include you being able t make use of an instant chat facility, phone them up or you can of course contact them via email, but using the instant chat service is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to contact a support team member.

How to Fund a Non Gamstop Bookies Account?

You may be sat there right now wondering just how you are going to be able to fund a non Gamstop betting site account, for if you cannot make a hassle free and instant deposit, you are never going to be able to play a bet.


All gambling sites will not allow you to fund an account using a credit card so obviously you can forget about making deposits via a credit card, if you do find  betting site that does let you deposit via a credit card, be wary often those bookies will label those deposits as something other than  a betting site account deposit to get around the new laws in the UK, which could expose you of lots of problems.

One of the most cost effective way that anyone wishing to place a bet online can make a deposit is by simply opting to make use of their debit card, that your bank has issued you with, as those deposits will always be processed instantly and in real time and will show up in your betting account right away.

Another benefit of choosing to use a debit card as your preferred non Gamstop betting site payment method is that you can request your winnings be paid straight back into the bank account that is linked up to that debit card too.

There will however be many other ways that you an fund such a bookies site account, and if you have a web wallet account, such as s a Neteller, PayPal or even a Skrill account then all sports betting and bookmakers sites are going to allow you to use those web wallets as you chosen payment method.

One of the many additional benefits of using a web wallet is that you can also have your winnings sent back to it, and most betting sites especially non Gamstop bookmakers sites can pay-out their winning customers  requesting a payment to a web wallet very quickly.

You are also going to find that PaySafeCard vouchers are also accepted at most bookmakers and sports betting sites and apps, just keep in mind though that when you use that type of deposit option you are going to have to have another withdrawal option in mind, as you can only use PaySafeCard vouchers to make a deposit and not a withdrawal.

Sportsbooks will also let you fund your account and additionally make a withdrawal using cryptocurrencies too, and with that in mind if you do use Bitcoin for example then you are going to find roe than enough betting sites available to you that will let you use your digital wallet account or both fund your account and get paid out your winnings from that works site or betting app account too.

Lots of betting sites offer and let their customers use a bank transfer to fund their accounts, but they tend to take several days to get processed and the funds that you have sent via your bank transfer added to your account.

Checklist for Selecting Bookies Sites

Let me know finally move onto letting you know what you should always have on a checklist of wants and demands when you do fancy signing up to a non Gamstop sportsbook, as by having one in place then you are always going to ensure the ones you do register and sign up to are going to be first class and top rated sites, and you will then have a hassle free type of betting experience.


There is no doubt in my mind that as soon as you start go hunting for none Gamstop bookmakers sites online, you will find a large number of them all very eager to get you to sign up as a new customer, however not every bookies site is going to be run to the very highest of standards.

What you need to ensure, and this should be right at the top of any checklist of wants and demands for choosing a non Gamstop bookmakers site, is that the ones you will only ever make use of should be fully licensed and regulated.

By only ever betting at such sites, you will have several things guaranteed to you by the Gambling Commission or Game Authority that licensed that site.

Licensed betting sites for example must keep all of their customers deposits and funds in a  segregated bank account, which means that no matter what you are always going to have access to the money you have in your betting sites account.

The way that you fund your account and make withdrawals too is important, and therefore if you wish to use one type of deposit and/or withdrawal payment method then make sure that it is going to be on offer to you art the betting site that you may be thinking about signing up to.

The amount of time it will take a bookie to pay you out your winnings is also important, look for time scales that will see you being paid out your winnings in no longer that one to three days at most, and you will also want to have the peace of mind in knowing that all of your winnings will be paid out to you in a lump sum.

Sadly some bookies that are not Gamstop registered will have small daily, weekly or monthly cash out limits in place on their sites, and as such you could win big and then find that you have to wait months to be able to withdrawal your winnings when betting at such a site.

It will of course be completely pointless signing up to any non Gamstop sportsbooks if they do not have the betting markets that you wish to make use of, so once again when you are comparing betting sites take a look at just how diverse their betting markets are, and only select one to sign up to and bet at that offers you every possible type of sports bet you are looking to place.

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