This guide is going to help you find a casino site at which to play at if you have registered with Gamstop and your details have been passed onto lots of casino sites, and the operators of those sites have closed your accounts.


Obviously, the only reason you should be considering playing at any of the featured casinos not on GamCare on this website, is if you are not on any way experiencing gambling related problems, and if you are not then please do read on.

There are quite a number of different slot machines that you can play at those casinos, and if it is slot machines that you love playing then please make sure you look at my additional guides that will let you know which online slots are not registered with Gamstop, as there are plenty of them that you can play online.

As most non Gamstop casino are going to be offshore casinos it is important that at all times you do ensure that you find one of them that is licensed and regulated to ensure that you are going to be playing fair and random casino games at those sites, and the casino operators do run their casinos to the very highest of standards.

There will also be some brand new casinos not on Gamstop that you may fancy playing at too, and there will of course be all manner of bonuses available at those sites, but as with any bonuses do make sure that you read through the terms and conditions attached to them, to ensure they are going to be worth claiming.

Find listing of UK Casino sites where I have played in the past and review of them below:

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1Curacao eGaming

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Curacao eGaming
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  • Great Offers
  • 100s of slots games
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2Curacao eGaming

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Curacao eGaming
  • Unprecedented Match Bonus
  • Accepts GamStop players
  • Friendly loyalty scheme
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3Curacao eGaming

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Curacao eGaming
  • Excellent welcome bonuses
  • Multiple languages available
  • Great customer support
Visit SitePH Casino

Another thing to keep in mind too if you do decide to play ay any international online casinos is that they may not be multi-currency casinos, and that will mean you are going to be forced to have to make a deposit into your account possibly in another currency other than GBP.

That will then in turn see you having to pay currency conversion fees and the such like, and you will also be at the mercy of any currency rate fluctuations too. So, you will be best advised to stick to playing at a casino site that will let you select GBP as your chosen account currency setting

To help you make up your own mind as to whether it is going to be worth playing at any non-GameStop registered online casino sites, please do read on for by doing so below I will be answering a wide and quite varied range of additional questions about doing so in the many sections of this guide below.

Is It Safe to Play at Non Gamstop Casinos?

The one question that I do know a lot of you are going to be asking, is whether it is safe to gamble at a non Gamstop casino site, and one that may not be in the UK.


Well, make no mistake about it the majority of casino sites you will come across online, and certainly those that I will be showcasing to you throughout this website are licensed and regulated, meaning that they will have to adhere to a set code of conduct, and as such they are perfectly safe casinos at which to play.

One thing you may find handy at some of those sites is that you will be allowed to test out the casino games they have on offer for free and at no risk initially, so why not spend some time doing just that.

By doing so you can see just how the software platforms work and operate and will be able to play any casino games for as long as you like at no cost and at no risk what so ever, and see if they are going to be games that later on you may wish to play for real money.

Once you are good and ready, and only then, you can switch over to playing non Gamstop casino games for real money, and that is where all losses and any winning s you achieve will be for real, and those winnings can of course be huge.

There will be a range of different staking options that you can play any online casino games at sites that are not Gamstop casinos, so they are going to be suitable for low rollers and high rollers alike.

Even those the maximum stake you can play FOBT’s for has been reduced in the UK from £100 to £2, you will find you can still place high stake bets when playing games such as Roulette online, but do always set your own limits when gambling at casino sites.

Keep in mind too that there has been a ban on depositing at casinos using a credit card announced in the UK, and as such you will find many online casinos are not going to let you top up and fund your casino account using any type of credit card.

There are however going to be plenty of other ways that you can make a deposit, and they will include you being able to use a debit card or one of the many web wallets and e-wallets too.

If at any time you do feel that your gambling is getting out of hand there are lots of tools to help you gamble responsibly available at most casino sites, such as you can set a deposit limit over any length of time and you will also have the option of setting your own loss limits too.

What Gaming Platforms Are Available at Non Gamstop Casinos?

Let me move now onto giving you some ideas as just how you are going to be able to access and then play the casino games offered and available at all non Gamstop online casino sites.


What you need to be aware though is that you will find most casino sites will have an additional mobile app that can be downloaded onto your mobile phone or tablet device, so if you are one of the many people that do enjoy playing casino games on a mobile then that is something that will be available to you at non Gamstop sites.

As for playing online via a laptop or P.C., well there will often be a fully downloadable gaming platform on offer to you at some casino sites, and they may also be an instant play type of gaming platform on offer to you too.

As for just which one you will be best off making use of, well I have found that when a casino sites offers a fully downloadable gaming platform, you are not going to find games available form different game designers, as those sites tend to offer just games from one game studio.

However, if a casino offers an instant play type of gaming platform, then there is going to be a very good chance that you will find casino games offered to players at those sites that have been supplied by lots of different game design studios.

I tend to prefer playing at those sites that have games on offer from multiple different suppliers and design studios, as that way there will always be a vey good and large mix of different games, and those casinos tend to launch more new games throughout each month too.

It is of course going to be up to you as to just which gaming platform you prefer using and as mentioned up above, as you can play at most non Gamstop casino sites for free and at no risk, then that is something you should consider doing so initially just to see what games are on offer to you.

As for whether you are going to have the chance of winning big when playing at any online casino sites as a reel money player, well the games that you will always find do tend to offer by far and away the very highest valued jackpots are the progressive Games.

But one tip I want to pass onto you about playing progressive games, is to make sure the casino site that you play them at have a system in place that will allow you to cash out your entire winnings if you win when playing those types of games in a one lump sum payment.

That way you are not going to be waiting a very long time to receive all of your winnings which you may end up doing if you play at a casino site that has small weekly limits regarding how much players can cash out when they have won.

What Are the Most Played Non Gamstop Casino Games?

You will of course find every type of casino game available when playing at a non Gamstop casino site, however it is very fair and true to say that some games do get more attention from players than others.


With that in mind, I will now give you an insight into just some of the games that are going to be on offer to you are such casino sites, and will also let you know why those games are as popular as they are with players.

Much like when playing in a land based casino, when playing online, you are going to come across a massive selection of slot machines, and the ones that players do tend to get drawn into playing time and time again are video slots.

It is due to the fact those slot games have bonus games and bonus features on offer, and it is often those bonus games and features that can award players with some massive amount of cash, however you will also find basic three reel slots, progressive slot games and even UK styled fruit machines at those casino sites too.

There are going to also be a good mix of video poker games on offer at non Gamstop casinos, and when it comes to the ones that you should be playing online or on a mobile device, well those that have been designed with the highest paying pay tables will ensure you get some decent long term expected RTP’s, so look out for those much higher paying games is my advice.

When it comes to playing games such as card games and table games, then you will always want to have the best possible winning chances, and that is something you will have if you make sure that you only ever play the variants that have the lowest house edges on offer.

Most non Gamstop casinos are going to be offering you somewhere on their website or even on the slot machine pay tables and/or help files the long term payout percentages or the house edges each game has been built and resigned around, so do look up that information and stick to the games offering only the very highest set of pay backs.

The chance of winning big is one of the main attraction for casino game players, for every now and then there is always going to be the chance of you winning a huge sized jackpot when playing for example progressive jackpot awarding games, especially if those jackpot have grown in value to some mind blowing amounts of cash.

In fact, that is when I would always advise you to play such games, for if you do spot a slot machine that has a jackpot that is higher in value than the amount it usually pays out, then that is the very best time to play that game, as an overdue jackpot could be won at any time, but not many players do of course win those massive life changing jackpots.

Plenty of Non Gamstop Casinos

If you are interested in playing at casino sites that are not signed up to Gamstop, then what I suggest you put into place is your own unique checklist of wants and demands, as that way it will be much easier for you to then compare a range of different casinos that you come across online.


As for just what should be on your checklist of wants and demands when seeking out a casino that is not a Gamstop casino, well below I will walk you through the things that are on my checklist, as that way you can see how I decide at which casinos to play at.

Firstly, it is important that any casino site that isn’t a Gamstop site is licensed and regulated, so above everything else make sure you do check to see if the ones you are comparing online are licensed and regulated, and make sure that they are licensed in a country that you have heard of and not some third world country that may not have a rock solid regulatory structure in place.

Next you will of course be required to make deposits and will want to cash out your winnings in a completely hassle free type of way when playing at non Gamstop sites, and as such do take a look to see just what options for making a deposit and just as importantly a cash out too, at every single casino you come across and may be thinking of playing at.

The range of games you will have access to at non Gamstop sites can of course be different, so once again double check to see if the games you enjoy playing, and wish to play are available at any casino site you do fancy playing at, and make sure there is a wide and varied selection of them available to you too.

The house edges and RTP’s of casino games is important to know, and as such when checking out and comparing different sites that are not Gamstop casinos, make sure that the ones you could end up playing at have that all important information listed on their website, as that way you can track down and get struck into playing the games offering the very highest of paybacks.

Finally, you will also find downloadable and instant play online gaming platforms and many casino sites that are not Gamstop casinos could also offer you the option of downloading a casino app to access their range of games, so do ensure the type of gaming platform is available to you before you sign up to casinos that are not Gamstop casinos.

Those sites that also offer their games via a demo mode are also worth checking out too, as that way you can test out any non Gamstop casino games you like the look of completely free of charge before you set about playing them for real money, the demo mode games at such sites will be just as wide and varied as the real money games, but sometimes you cannot play progressive games for free, due to their live progressive jackpots.

Can I Claim Bonuses at Non Gamstop Casinos?

Another question that you may have about playing for real money at non Gamstop casino sites is whether you are going to be able to claim bonuses, well you really are going to be amazed at just how many bonus offers will be available to you at such sites.


With that in mind allow me to quickly now move on to giving you an insight into just what types of casino bonuses are readily available at most non Gamstop casinos, as I am sure that lots of you out there are going to want to claim such bonuses.

Before I do though, please be aware that many casino sites, both online and mobile casinos, will have their own loyalty or comp club scheme in place on their sites, and as such you are going to be earning comp points that you can swap for -playing credits when playing  as a real money player at those sites.

The details of those comp and loyalty schemes will always be found on the websites of each non Gamstop casino, so do check them out.

As for the casino bonuses you can claim, well the very best valued ones I have found are those that are designed as deposit match bonuses look out for those however that will see you getting at least 100% of the value of your deposit as bonus credits as they can and do tend to offer the very best playing value to players.

But do make sure that you read through the terms and conditions attached to all bonus offers you come across, for the ones that have low play through requirements and no maximum cash out limits are the very best valued ones to claim.

Some casino sites will offer you a no deposit bonus simply for signing up as a new player at their sites, but take it from me, those bonuses usually come with lots of terms and conditions and the play through requirements are so high, and the cash out limits are so low, they are rarely worth claiming.

If you love playing slot machines, then another type of casino promotional offer that you will find being offered to you at lots of different casino sites, and one that will surely appeal to you are a set of free slot machines spins.

Those free spins will be credited to your account on a certain slot machine when for example you sign up to a casino site, or sometimes only after you have made an initial deposit, and once credited you play the slot machine chosen by the casino and any winnings you a achieve subject to the terms and conditions will be yours to keep.

Spend a little bit of time looking around this website for you will see listed the current bonus offers that each of our featured casino sites are going to be offering to players and those bonuses are huge in value by the way.

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