Please do read through this guide if you are one of the large number of people that may have signed up and registered with Gamstop, but you are now wishing to start playing casino games online again, as it will give you some idea of just where you should be playing.

Non UK Casinos

But do be aware that I have also spent quite some time compiled many other articles and guides too which many of you that are looking for such a site with certainly find very informative, such as how you can now play at an anonymous casinos.

Those sites will allow you to register and play without having to give any of your own personal details, so you can have the peace of mind in knowing for example, that you will never be the victim of identity fraud when playing at such sites.

Obviously it will be a European casino site that may UK based players could be looking to play at, and if so then be aware you ideally will need to pick one that lets you fund your account, play and withdraw any and all winnings in GBP that you should be signing up to.

As for some other non UK casino sites that are going to be worth playing at, well my guide on  Curacao online casinos and my other guide that will introduce you to Gibraltar online casinos are also going to be worth reading through and digesting too.

The reason I have put together those two additional guides is that those two places do have a rock solid regulatory system in place, and as such you will be playing at casinos that will neve mess you about and will of course be offering you certified fair and random games too, and sites that will always pay you out your winnings if you win.

Another thing worth knowing too, is that many cryptocurrency accepting casino sites are not going to force you to have to send in any documents when you sign up as a new player and therefor you can play instantly and cash out any winnings with no account verification needed.

If those are the type of casino sites that do appeal to you then please do also take a look at my guide that will give you an insight into just what non verification casinos will be offering you as one of their players.

What are the Laws Surrounding Non-UK Casinos?

To be able to advertise in the UK gambling sites have to hold a UK Gambling Commission issued gaming license, and that is why many gambling companies do advertise in the UK, but keep in mind those you do see advertised may be signed up to Gamstop.

Gambling Laws in UK

There have however been a raft of new laws in the UK regarding gambling online, with one that has recently been announced being that UK based gamblers playing at UK licensed gambling sites are not going to be allowed to make deposits into their account using a credit card.

With that in mind what you should do is to ensure that you have access to another type of deposit option I you do intend to gamble online, but fear not there are loads of other ways that you can make an instant deposit into a casino account, and below I will let you know which ones are the most cost effective and convenient ones to use.

Whilst at the time of me compiling this guide, there were no restrictions in place regarding the maximum stake you can play online casino games for, there is talk that a new limit could soon be announced by the UK Gambling Commission.

What has been suggested that when logged into a UK licensed and regulated casino site, players should not be allowed to gamble more than £2 per game played, much like betting shops have had to cap their FOBT games to that limit.

Whether or not such a law will be announced in Great Britain does of course remain to be seen, but those laws will only affect casinos that are licensed in the United Kingdom, and will not be forced onto casinos that are licensed anywhere else in the law.

If those laws do get adopted and then come into force, and you are a casino game player that likes to and can afford to gamble for some much higher stake amounts, then all you will need to do is to sign up and then play at a casino site that is licensed somewhere else in the world.

As for just what is the legal age to gamble in the UK, you will need to be at the least 18 years of age to gamble legally online, and all casino sites based there are going to have to verify your age and identity and your address too once you register as a new player rat their respective site.

With that in mind make sure that when gambling at such a site you have copies of your identical documents and a recent utility bill at hand, as the quicker you get your account fully verified the sooner you will be allowed to make a cash out from your account I you have won.

You will also find plenty of gambling limit option settings available to you at most casino sites, so make sure above all else you do set your won limits before you start to gamble online at any online casino site.

What Games Can I Play at Non-UK Casinos?

It will of course be the games that you will want to play when logged into any non UK casino site, and that is what I will now take a look at and let you know just how diverse the range of games will be at those sites that I have presented and listed throughout this website.

Non Gamstop Games

Be aware that live casino games are going to be offered to you at most of those sites, so if you prefer playing games such as Baccarat and Blackjack or even Roulette via a live gaming platform, then you will not have any difficulties being able to do just that.

In fact, the live gaming platforms often have plenty of additional games on offer to such as casino styled poker games, and the stake you can play for will be fully adjustable too, much like when you play the software driven games, so you can play for low to high stake levels that suit your bankroll and your personal playing style too.

There will of course also be plenty of software driven casino games that you can get stuck into playing too, and it is often games such as slot machines and slot games along with video poker games that will appeal to most British players.

At the end of the day though, to have the maximum winning chances when playing slot machines, you should be playing the slots that offer the highest pay-out percentages, and when playing video poker games look out for the variants that have the best paying pay tables attached to them too.

Both instant play and downloadable gaming platforms that will be offered to you by any non UK based casino sites will have plenty of other games too, including but certainly not limits to card and table games, and the games with the lowest house edges in those categories are what you should be looking to play.

Also, try and learn the best playing strategy when playing games such as Blackjack, for there is a small element of skill involved with playing those types of games.

As for just what other types of casino game you can play at such sites, well if you like playing number predicting games then you will certainly be impressed by just how many different variants of games such as Keno are going to be on offer to you at such sites.

There will also be a very good mix and selections of novelty type games at most non-UK based casino sites too, so consider looking at playing games such as scratch cards when you do fancy a change of scenery.

As mentioned up above, you will find that you are going to be in full control of the stake levels that you can play any online casino games for, so always set the stake levels to ones that you are comfortable to play for and stake levels that your bankroll is going to be able to sustain too, as that way you will get plenty of play time from your available bankroll and will be gambling responsibly too.

How to Deposit and Withdraw at Non-UK Casinos

As non UK casinos by their very nature are not based in the United Kingdom, one thing that you are going to have to be aware of is that many of them may not be offering you the option, when you are registering as a new player at those sites of setting your account to operate in GBP.

Non Gamstop Payments

That does of course mean that when you wish to make a deposit and top up your casino accounts at some of those sites you are going to have to deposit in a different currency, and that is when you will start to be hit with currency conversion fees and charges,

Therefore, I do strongly urge you to make a point of only ever signing up to and then playing as a real money player at such sites that do give you the option of setting your casino account to operate in Pounds Sterling.

The number of different ways that you can fund a non UK based casino account is going to be dependent on just which casino sites you have chosen to register as a new player at, as different casino sites will have different available payment option listed on their banking interface.

As credit cards should never be used to top up casino accounts or for that matter any type of gambling site account, and as credit card issuers in the UK are banned from allowing their cards to be used to fund casino account online, you will need to have another option available.

Debit cards I have found are the perfect solution, for you will not have to pay any fees and charges when using a debit card to deposit into a casino account over and above your deposited amount, and the casino sites can also send your winnings back to the bank account that is like up to your debit card too.

There will also be the option or you to deposit into any non UK based casino account using a web wallet and the most commonly utilized web and e-wallets that UK based casino game players tend to use to top up their real money casinos site accounts are PayPal, Neteller and Skrill.

If you want to have the maximum security in place when funding a casino site account, you should look at using things such as prepaid vouchers to top up your real money casino site accounts.

By visiting any Pay Point or Pay Zone shop in the UK you ilk be able to purchase something known as a PaySafeCard voucher in cash, and by doing so you can then use the code printed on the front of those vouchers to top up your casino accounts instantly.

But do always make sure any casino you sign up to is going to offer you a withdrawal option that is fee free and one that suits you down to the ground too.

Can I Claim Non-UK Casino Bonuses?

The number of questions that you may have about playing at non-UK casinos may seem large, however it is only natural that you are going to have lots of different questions about gambling at such a site, and another one I do get asked a lot are what types of casino bonuses are offered by non-UK casinos.

Non Gamstop Casino Bonuses

Allow me to now give you some idea as to just how many different bonus you are going to be offered form such sites, for there is no doubt in mind at some point in time, many of you out there are going to be tempted to make use of such bonuses.

Slot players in particular are going to like the look of free slot spins that many casino sites award to their newly signed up players, and as the name of those types of non UK casino promotional offers suggest, you are going to be credited with a free set of spins on a  slot machine when you opt into and claim such a promotional offer.

You are then tasked with simply having to play those credits off, and by doing so you will be allowed to keep any winnings that you achieve when playing off those no risk credits, but be aware some casino sites award those winnings a bonus credits so they may come with a play through requirement, and some casinos award them as cash credits, which can be cashed out straight away.

The deposit match bonuses though are the most popular and most claimed bonuses at all casino sites and at non-UK casinos too.

Those bonuses wills see a casino matching any deposit you make with bonus credits if their bonuses are designed as a 100% deposit match bonus, however the percentage of your deposit that will be turned into bonus credits by the casino site can and will vary dependent on where you play.

But the general rule of thumb for claiming non-UK casino deposit match bonuses is that the higher in value the percentage of bonus credits awarded based on your deposited amount the better, but only if the bonus play through requirements are low.

I would also suggest that when you have been offered any type of casino bonus you spend as much time as is needed dreading thought he terms and conditions attached and associated with a bonus, as that way you will be able to see for yourself and work out whether they are offering you true and real value  you do decide to go on to claim any such bonuses.

Non UK casinos will also have their own loyalty schemes in place too which are often simply referred to by gamblers as a comp club scheme, so you will be earning points when gambling and those points can then be swapped and turned into playing credits when you have saved up enough of them when playing for real money.

Choose Non-UK Casinos

When you do want to play at a non Gamstop casino, then you are likely to simply Google that term, and the moment you do so you are then going to be presented with a  large number of such sites at which you can sign up to of course.

How to Choose Non-UK Casinos

However, make no mistake about it, if you do not do your research when picking out such a site, then there is a very good chance that you could end up picking out one to play at, that doesn’t offer you the best possible non Gamstop gaming experience, and that is something no player should ever find themselves doing.

Therefore, and with that in mind, what I have done for you below is to list all of the different aspects of a casino that isn’t Gamstop registered that you should have on your own personal checklist of wants and demands, as that way you are then going to be guaranteed of finding one that will live up to and will exceed your expectations.

As for getting access to games that you will always have the peace of mind in knowing are delivering you with a random and fair outcome, well if you play at casinos that are not Gamstop casinos that are licensed and regulated, then the games that you will be accessing at those sites will have been verified by an independent third party casino games testing company as being fair and random.

You will need to be able to make an instant and completely hassle-free deposit too, if you want to play non Gamstop casino site games for real money, so look at just which available deposit payment methods are available.

It is just as important though that any casino site that isn’t registered as a Gamstop casino offer your paid winning pay-outs too, so another thing to have on your own personal checklist of wants and demands at such sites are fast timely withdrawals and sites that also pay you out in full and with no delays.

As for accessing non Gamstop casino site games, well the best casinos that you can sign up to and play at will offer you both an online gaming platform and a mobile casino app too, the instant play online gaming platforms though do tend to offer customers by far and away the highest number of casino games so do keep that in mind.

Look for those casinos that are not Gamstop casinos that offer the best bonus offers and promotional deals, and the ones that do are going to be offering you bonuses that do not come with high play through requirements, and will let you play the type of games you want to play with your bonus credits too.

One other thing to look out for to ensure that you are always locking in the very best playing value when playing at an offshore casino is to play at those with a generous comp club scheme too.

International casinos that do have a generous comp or loyalty scheme in place will always shower you with plenty of additional extras, based on your level of real money gaming action that you do decide to give any of their real money casino games.

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