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Online casinos are of course located all over the world, and those that are based in the United Kingdom must be licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, and there are plenty of them that are.


However, there may come a time when for one reason or another that you may want to try out a casino that is licensed in another part of three world, and when you do so then it will of course be an offshore casino site that you will have to locate and play at.

The reason why people seeking out an offshore casino is for example when they have registered as a user of Gamstop, or they may wish to play games that are not available at other casino sites.

Today therefore, if you are someone that is seeking an offshore casino site then please do read on for I will be letting you know what you should be looking for from any international casino site, so that you can check they are offering you everything that you will need or want from such a site.

Playing at Offshore Casino Sites When on the Gamstop Register

Anyone may want to begin playing real money casino game online or on a mobile device, but you may has included your name to the Gamstop register, if so then the only thing you will need to do is to make a point of playing at any of our non Gamstop casino sites and you will then be freely able to deposit, gamble and cash out any winnings too in a completely hassle free type of way.


What you will find about each of the casinos not on GamCare that are listed on this website will be the every single one of them is licensed and regulated , which means of course that you are always going to be accessing fair games and will never experience a problem of any type when it comes to making a deposit at those sites or when you cash out any winnings too.

Do have a look at some of the other gambling sites that listed on this site a try, for that way you will often come across plenty of new and exclusive casino games that are not available anywhere else.

You will find dozens of non gamstop bingo sites available to you, so that means that if bingo is a game you love playing you will find loads of sites at which to play any type of bingo game you enjoy playing the most.

Read up too one some of the many other large number of gambling sites not on gamstop such as the bookmakers sites that will let you bet on every single upcoming sporting event as they all come highly recommended too.

Very Strict Gambling Laws and Regulations in Great Britain

I’m going to now look at gambling laws in the UK and be aware though that anyone under the game of 18 is not going to be allowed to gamble in any land based gaming venues such as a betting shop or casino, and the same law is in place regarding being able to gamble online or on a mobile device too.


You like me may have noticed that more and more gambling sites now accept cryptocurrency deposits so it’s not difficult to find one that will allow you to not only fund and top up your account using digital currencies such as Bitcoin but also will let you cash out your winnings to a digital wallet too.

Try and be up to date with all of the many changes to UK online gambling laws as that way you will never fall foul of any of them that has just come into force.

One thing that is interesting though is that there no laws in the UK that force you to gamble only at UK sites so you are free to play at any non Gamstop gambling site that you wish to play at either for free via their demo mode games or as a real money player instead.

Never forget though that some people are best off not gambling and as such if you do feel that you cannot control your gambling then please never consider gambling in any way shape or form.

Any game you wish or could ever want to play will be on offer to you at any non Gamstop casino site that you see listed upon this website, and with that in mind please do allow me to give you some idea as to just which games I think you will be best off playing to have plenty of winning opportunities.

If you are a Roulette player will already know the game variants that offer them the lowest house edges are the single zero versions of that game, so if that is a game that you do fancy trying out then look out for the European or French variant online at those non Gamstop casino sites.

Another great and very easy to learn to play game is Blackjack and when you discover how to play that game optimally you will find it is a game that does offer a tiny house edge, and there are going to be loads of variants you can play at my featured non Gamstop casino sites too.

Those sites do also offer a free via a demo mode version of each game, so if you are unsure as to how to play any of those casino games or simply want to pass a little bit of time playing them for free at no risk, you will always be able to do just that.

I know lot of people out there cannot stop playing slot machines, and be aware that there are going to be lots of them available to you at each of those casino sites, but try and make a point of looking up to the  long term expected payout percentages of the slot machines on offer to you, and set about playing those with the highest pay-out percentages.

If you want to have however a different and unique type of non Gamstop playing experience, do also consider playing some of the many other games that are always going to be offered and available to you at those sites.

Some games I can think of that you could just enjoy playing and could also win big when playing too include scratch card games keno games and some of the many different video poker games too, all of which will be offering you low to high staking options by the way.

It’s Easy to Play at Non Gamstop Casino Sites

You will notice that the platforms and software that you are going to have access to when you sign up to any of my featured and top rated non Gamstop casino sites will include an online instant play type of gamin platform, and some of them may also be offering you a fully downloadable type I gaming platform too.


Plus, you can now access a state of the art mobile casino app, so if you do want to play casino games from anywhere on a tablet device or on any type of touch screen mobile phone or smart phone then that is something that you are very easily going to be able to do.

Each of those non Gamstop casino apps by the way that each of those casino sites will be offering you have just as diverse a range of casino games on offer at the online gambling platforms so, so do not think that you are only going to be getting access to a very small range of games when you play via those apps, as that is certainly not going to be the case.

One thing you will never have to put up with at those sites is experiencing any problems either when it comes to making a deposit or a withdrawal at any of those casino sites either, for they will all offer you more than enough different payment options.

I am happy to also let you know that each of my own unique and handpicked selection of non Gamstop casino sites, is that all of them have some very high payout and cash-out limits in place and each of them are always going to make a very concerted effort to ensure your winning pay-outs are sent out to you rapidly and also on time too.

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