Here at Made London we want to to protect your right to privacy whenever you visit this website website, therefore I present to you below the privacy policy that is in place on this website.

This site is a news and information website associated with the topic of gambling and below you will find how we use any information that you may provide to us, and by you continuing to use this website that is going to be taken as you being in agreement with this privacy policy.

We may at times change or amend this privacy policy, and therefore it is important that if you do revisit this website at any time in the future you check back to see if this privacy policy has been changed or amended in any way.

How We May Collect Your Personal Information

There may be the option for you to interact with this website and the uses of this website such as when you choose to take part in any surveys that we have in place or if you choose to enter any competitions or contests, you may also choose to leave any comments, posts or feedback on the articles and posts on this website too, and if you do so then be aware that we will need to  collect some information about you when you do so.

The details and information we will require from you when doing so could and may include thing such as you name, your email address and some other personal identifiers too.

How We Could Use Your Personal Information

At all times any personal information that you provide to use will be stored securely using the best security protocols available, however no system is 100% secure.

At no time though will be ever sell onto any third party any personal information that you may have supplied us with.

That information will not be passed onto any third party unless we have been required to be law, or if we need to pass onto any third party your information such as when you have entered a competition, so that the company or organisation running that contest can contact you to arrange delivery of any prizes that you may have won.

Links to Third Party Websites

You will find that we do have links to third party websites on the Made London website, but those sites are not owned or operated by us.

Therefore, they are going to have their own privacy policies in place on their websites, and as such you should familiarize yourself with those privacy polices if you do visit any third-party website.

We do also use cookies upon this website, and those cookies are in place to give us some idea of just which sections of this website are of the most interest to our website visitors and to help us plan what additional content to compile and made available on this website too.

You are free to remove any cookies stored on the device you are visiting this website using at any time, however any additional visits to this website you make will see another cookie being added onto your device by our server.

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